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In September 1945, the Veron brothers designed and launched on the market their first watches for children.

Thanks to Mr. H.T Pigozzi, CEO of Simca, the first model could be released in 1953. Then, various French cars came out soon like Citroën Traction, Ford Vedette, Panhard Dyna, Renault 4CV or Peugeot 203.

The NOREV A-factory opened in 1955.

NOREV has been awarded an «Oscar du Jouet» in 1959 and a «Golden Cup» in 1963.

In the 70’s, NOREV launched some new ranges.

The NOREV B-factory opened in 1970.

NOREV sponsored the multiple champion Jimmy Mieusset in the 70's. Since then, he is the NOREV’s mascot. NOREV also supported Henri Pescarolo running on a Surtees TS 19 with NOREV colours in 1976. And then NOREV supported Jacques Lafitte and the Ligier-Gitanes Team.

Marc Fischer took over NOREV in 1986 and worked a lot in making it a renown collectible car company. Then came the world's biggest range of Citroën 2CV with more than 40 different versions, the world's biggest range of Renault 4 and the "Tour de France" collection.

Axel Fisher took over the company in 1998 and his brother joined him in 2003. NOREV began collaborating with car manufacturers and partwork collections.

In 2004 NOREV launched its first Dakar race collection and opened its new headoffice close to Lyon. For the 60th anniversary in 2006, NOREV and Parotech realised a great tuning project: the Norev 300C, winner of the best European project at the Swiss tuning show.

NOREV goes on with partnerships: F1 Renault and the race. In 2009 NOREV opened its factory in China (10).

NOREV often wins awards for the quality of its models.