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Artesanía Latina began its journey in 1970, in a small flat in the historic district of Barcelona. There, my maternal grandfather Ramón Leg, my father Jean-Louis Martin and my mother Maria Mercedes Leg gathered all their efforts and hopes to make a dream come true: create the best brand of ship modelling in the world. After spending many hours conceiving and hand making the first designs, they personally sold the products to the few specialized shops from Barcelona and Madrid.

Little by little, by investing in quality, in the best machinery available, in design of modern and attractive boxes, they succeeded to form an interesting range of products. Most of all, they achieved to make a space for the brand on the Spanish market. Since the beginning, one of the priorities of the emerging company was about its internationalization. This is the reason why, Jean-Louis Martin, in addition to producing and buying, took personally care of the exportation.

Vice-president of Artesanía Latina