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Logo Ninco

Ninco, founded in Barcelona in 1993, is a leading manufacturer of electronic toys directed with command: Slot and Radio Control.

Since its inception Ninco is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of products that meet the most demanding amateur: the child and the hobbyist.

Our goal is to provide innovative products that interest you and fidelicen children, youth and adults . Ninco has become a strategic supplier of Slot and Radio Control toy stores, hobby shops and department stores worldwide; with logistics from our headquarters in Barcelona and from China.

Coming hobby care about excellent design, playability and post-sales management, offering a wide range of parts and accessories that extend the useful life of our products.

Currently, Ninco has 8 different brands: Ninco, Ninco4RC, NINCOAIR, NincoOcean, Ninco Heavy Duty, Ninco Parkracers, Ninco Kidracers & Nbots.